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Rewiring Homes across Bristol & Beyond

Like most things in life, electrics have a lifespan. As they grow older.. typically 30 years and older, they begin to not operate as well as they used to (sound familiar?) When electrical systems don’t operate as well, issues start to arise. That’s when a wiring upgrade may be required - this is called a Rewire.

To rewire a system, all the old electrical circuits are removed, and new ones take its place. In houses, this is most commonly done by channelling out the walls and running the cables in them from the floors and ceilings. Once this is done and made good (plastered), the new plug sockets and other fixtures are connected, and the new system is ready for use.

A rewire is the replacement of your electrical system. This includes all electrical wiring and equipment.

HB Review your enquiry and contact you with a rough figure for your house rewire. If happy with the figure, HB schedule a free survey of the property.


HB visit the property to confirm a full rewire is necessary, and to work out all the logistics involved. Once this is complete HB will create a formal quote.


HB present a formal quote to the client, with all information of the rewire and new system set out nice and clear. The schedule of works and payment terms will be included. Now just to get a date in the diary. 


HB arrange suitable dates with the client and take a deposit payment, you’re now fully booked in.


How HB rewire your home

The Rewire Begins


Protection - HB lay dust sheets and other coverings throughout the home protecting the clients furniture and personal belongings. Any floors or carpets that aren’t being lifted will be covered with specialist material to ensure nothing is ruined. 


Marking positions - HB mark the positions of the electrical points are transferred from the printed off plan to the walls and ceilings. This will include heights and types of fittings. All will be agreed in advance between HB and the client.


Planning routes - As planned out during the surveying stage, the routes of all the electrical cables will be confirmed between the engineers and they will begin to make those routes accessible by lifting floors and drilling holes.


Channelling - Any recessed wiring or equipment must be channelled in to the wall. This is known as chasing. HB use specialist grinders with fitted dust extractors to keep make the process quick and clean. 


Wiring (first fix) - Now the routes and channels are made, the wires can be ran in their place. Once wired, a protective tubing is fitted over the cables, and metal boxes are fitted for the sockets and switches.


Repair work - Our plasterer decorator makes good all the channels and holes and gets them to a ready to paint finish.


Connecting up (second fix) - HB now fit all the sockets switches lights and consumer units on to the wired cables. This is the most enjoyable stage of the job.


Testing/commissioning - A series of electrical tests are carried out to ensure no equipment has been damaged in the process. Functional checks too. These checks are transferred on to our electrical certificates.


Handover - HB meet the client at the property and run through the electrical system with them. Once complete we send through your certificate and invoice. 


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