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Rewiring Homes across Bristol & Beyond

Clear and obvious signs of a house needing a rewire would house that showed signs of the system being at least 40 years old. This could be a lack of sockets, sockets fitted to skirting boards, yellow or old looking switches, rewireable fuses, undersized earthing, the list is very long.

It’s often hard to confirm whether the word ‘need’ is suitable when it comes to a rewiring a house. 90% of the Rewire’s we have carried out didn’t necessarily ‘need’ doing when we done them, but the client either wanted the peace of mind that their home is as safe as it could be electrically, or they wanted to have it done to prevent having to do it in the future, after they’ve spent thousands decorating their home. A rewire will also cost less if you’ve just moved in and it’s empty. Sometimes it’s worth weighing up the financial side of things, as well as the safety side.

We will make the process of rewiring your home quick, simple and stress free!


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